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I am disappointed with the service you provide as I was expecting more guidance on how to maximise the use of tax benefits and reduce the overall tax liability for the business. The service you provide seems to be limited to book keeping which I can get done elsewhere for a lot less money. – How would you describe our performance overall?

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10 Jan 19

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Thank you for your recent feedback.

We have a duty of care to ensure that our clients are compliant and that their tax affairs are dealt with to the highest possible standard. It has always been Tyrrell and Company’s stance that we do not want our clients to feel that they are paying more tax than they are legally required to.

We provide tax advice that does not involve any form of tax avoidance that may be challenged by HMRC or which may be construed as tax evasion, which we strongly condemn. We will always explain to clients who put forward scenarios, that they simply do not work (and why they don’t) if they fall into any of the above categories.

There has been a raft of ‘anti-avoidance’ legislation and a clampdown on tax avoidance over the past few years targeting owner managed businesses (and this will continue.) This can be frustrating for clients as well as their advisors, when it comes to providing proactive tax planning.

Our apologies if you feel that we have not met your requirements. You will also appreciate that a bookkeeper may not necessarily have the expertise to ensure that a company is being kept compliant and should HMRC decide to raise a TAX enquiry, the tools and knowledge that are needed to guide a business through the ‘choppy waters’ that inevitably lay ahead.


Richard Suswain –