Thank you Darren for looking after my Tax Form. I haven't rated cost because each year it seems to get bigger and bigger. We started off at £100.00 and now it is over £200.00. Lets not forget that when Sam comes in with all the papers they are all on spreadsheets all extremely neat and tidy (no bags of bills to be sorted out before you begin) All neatly batched up in seperate envelopes. So this must go a very long way to making the calculations easier. This is just a point that I think needs to be said. Other than that Thank you Darren. – How would you describe our performance overall?

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    Thank you for your positive feedback Rosalind, it's much appreciated. Regarding your costs, it appears there has only been a £10 increase in the past 4 years. Darren will be contacting you to explain further --
    Richard Suswain

    Richard Suswain –